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No pesticides, no herbicides, no chemical fertilizers, no additives or preservatives…Just pure, basic, whole food made by nature, not industry.

The food that we grow is fresh, delicious and healthy. We prefer premium, unaltered seed from varieties of heirloom fruits and vegetables selected for their flavor and nutritional benefits, rather than their ability to be transported cross country to a supermarket shelf.

Unlike many of the products in our supermarkets, our great grandparents would recognize Wildwood Farms’ food as being food. In fact, the rhubarb on our farms comes from root stock that was brought to Minnesota from Finland by our Great Grandma, and from Minnesota to Michigan by Grandpa Armas. Most of our varieties have proven themselves as the best for more than a century.


Wildwood Family Farms is proud to offer crop-share “memberships”. Every member will receive a weekly share of produce that varies throughout the growing season. Weekly shares are expected to be available by early-June and run until approximately the second week of October, or the first frost/freeze. Check our website for more information and a “Produce List” of what can be expected throughout the growing season. In addition, we do offer natural eggs and chicken, as well as pure maple syrup and sugar to members for an additional fee.

Food is delivered or ready to be picked up same day as harvest. Presently, the pick-up site is located at the farm on Snow Road. Delivery may be available for a small fee, but members are encouraged to come to the farm to pick-up their produce, explore the grounds and visit with staff.

Membership also includes attendance to:

  • Spring and fall family picnics and farm tours
  • Fall food preservation classes

2012 membership share price: $375

To reserve a membership, please complete the form and, along with a non-refundable deposit of $50, mail to: Wildwood Family Farms at 7970 Snow Ave. SE, Alto, MI 49302. Balance of payment is expected by May 1, 2012 and will be billed to you in the spring. Memberships are limited, are available on a first come, first serve basis, and are expected to sell out quickly.


"I understand that by being a member of Wildwood Family Farms, I am supporting and strengthening the local food supply. I am willing to share in the risks inherent in farming. In the event of a crop failure, I will receive less. In the event of a bumper year, I will share in the abundance.”

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Our Growing Practices – While our farms are yet to be certified organic, we strive to produce our food in a sustainable fashion, with concern for the health of the consumers and the environment. This means that our soils are fertilized with clean compost and cover crops and we integrate natural means of pest and weed control.