Farm to You

Experiences On The Farm

At Wildwood, one of our goals is use our home and barns as an example of a sustainable, working family farm.  A diversity of plants and animals provide much of the food that we eat.  Everything is appreciated and little goes to waste.  An example of this philosophy is feeding excess fruits and vegetables to our animals, which manufacture some of the best fertilizer possible for our plants!

We welcome guests to visit our farm to tour the grounds, learn about small-scale farming and enjoy the country atmosphere.  Our pets include horses, goats, rabbits, a dog and several cats that all love the attention of farm guests.  The animals especially like those guests who bring them treats like apples and carrots!

We also raise many animals to supply our friends, family and farm members with high-quality, natural meats and eggs.  We take pride in raising these animals humanely and providing the best care possible.  Chickens and ducks are free to roam the farm yard and provide a continuous supply of eggs.  Our hogs, roasting chickens and turkeys are most delicious!

There are many ways to “experience the farm”.  Weddings, birthday parties and similar events provide personal experiences.  Parents and children often visit during school tours, which are organized to meet various different educational objectives such as characteristics of living and non-livings, plant and animal life cycles, and many more.

Members or our crop-sharing program can pick up their shares from the farm on a weekly basis.  If you are interested in visiting, please feel free to contact us.